Six° Degrees for Sebago

posted on 23/01/2012 5:17:00 PM

Mdot Booji, founder of footwear and accessories brand, Booji House since 2008, is one of the newest designers to collaborate with nautical brand Sebago® making it her largest collaboration to-date with Sebago® for their 2011 Artisan Collections. Through this collaboration, Mdot has been able to showcase her unique innovation and knack for creating classics with a twist. From this partnership with Sebago® emerged new relationships that ultimately led to Mdot’s desire to curate an all-female influencer’s project with Sebago® for their Autumn/Winter 2012 collection that would soon be known as: The Sixº Degrees.

Derived from the term ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ which is the idea that everyone is connected by six degrees, the Sixº Degrees collective includes one brand and five ladies from around the globe, bringing this wide range of identities together unveiled though far apart, and pinked by their passion, interests and drive.

The five bloggers of the new collection include Hana May of Hearty Magazine, Sandrinette of Color me Good and the Colette Team Tumblr, Mayra Fateh and Michal Tesler of Eve Without Adam. They also represent some of the world’s most vibrant cities like San Francisco, New York, Paris and Berlin.

The Sixº Degrees collection which will be unveiled fall, 2012.

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