Bala/ As Seen In: SAIL Magazine

affiché le 2012-01-01 18:04:00

Sebago Bala: Sebago Castines have been popular around the SAIL office for years, thanks to their incredible support and comfort. So when the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, stepped out in Canada wearing the Sebago Bala, we just about died. Getting our own pair turned us into raging sailor princesses, renaming our boat the HMS SeaDeucer adn serving tea on the rail. The ultra-feminine construction practically screams "wear me with capris and a tiara!" And while club members burst into fits of laughter when we walked into the bar wearing a peacock fascinator on our heads, the Balas produced the right kind of inquires, such as, "Where on earth did you find such cute boat shoes?" Peasants are so precious when they think they can address us without curtsying first. Our Women's Bala was featured in January, 2012 issue of SAIL magazine. Shop our Bala collection here: http://http//

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